The main objectives of BAMBOO are impossible to reach if they do not involve people from both the theoretical and experimental parts of biology and of such related areas as biochemistry, from various backgrounds and specialities within mathematics, and from both theoretical and practical computer science.

The biological and biochemical expertises in the team range over all the kingdoms of life, bacteria, archea and eukaryota including the so-called higher species such as vertebrates, and cover also deep knowledge of symbiotic systems that are essential for understanding evolution and function (symbiosis refers to the long-term interaction between two organisms). It ranges from field and experimental aspects to theory. The methodological (mathematical and computational) expertises concentrate around text and graph algorithmics, and combinatorics, with strong components in modelling (discrete, stochastic and dynamic), computational and statistical data analysis, statistics, and knowledge representation.

Research challenges

  • Arriving at good models for the different questions addressed that are both biologically realistic and mathematically well-defined and elegant
  • Designing combinatorial and stochastic text, tree and graph algorithms that are efficient (complexity analysis) and practical (software development)
  • Developing good theories for random models in a biological context
  • Maintaining a constant dialog with wet-lab experiments
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