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Comparing and combining multiple metagenomic datasets


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COMMET (“COmpare Multiple METagenomes”) provides a global similarity overview between all datasets of a large metagenomic project.

Directly from non-assembled reads, all against all comparisons are performed through an efficient indexing strategy. Then, results are stored as bit vectors, a compressed representation of read files, that can be used to further combine read subsets by common logical operations. Finally, COMMET computes a clusterization of metagenomic datasets, which is visualized by dendrogram and heatmaps.

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The last Commet release may be downloaded here: Commet

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Nicollas Maillet, Guillaume Collet, Thomas Vannier, Dominique Lavenier, and Pierre Peterlongo.

“COMMET: comparing and combining multiple metagenomic datasets”  IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2014.