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DiscoSnp becomes DiscoSnp++. Detect SNPs and more

Information and download: DiscoSnp++ page

Paper discoSnp published in NAR

The discoSnp paper will soon be published in Nucleic Acid Research. PDF proofs are already available from the discoSnp home page. discoSnp

Commet Bug Fixed

A critical bug had been fixed in Commet. This bug affected the treatment of large files composed of more than a billion of k-mers. You can update the git repository by a “git pull” command or download the last version of Commet (

Paper commet accepted to bibm 2014

We’re happy to announce that commet will soon be presented at the bibm 2014 conference.

Commet – Comparing and combining multiple metagenomic datasets

We are pleased to announce the commet release, a new tool for comparing large metagenomic read sets, for combining and visualizing results.

TakeABreak presented at AlCoB 2014

TakeABreak (our new tool to detect inversion and translocation breakpoints in raw NGS reads without mapping nor assembly) has been presented at AlCoB 2014. Here are the slides Lemaitre_alcob2014 !

Jobs offers: poste 18 mois Ingénieur – Inria

Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Dans le cadre du projet Colib’read (, l’équipe Irisa/Inria Genscale ( recrute un(e) ingénieur(e) de développement pour une durée de 18 mois. Poste à pourvoir dès que possible. Profil du poste – Assurer le développement d’outils issus du projet de recherche Colib’read: détection de variants, assemblage précis de données …

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Colib’read postdoctoral position available

Title : Algorithms for detecting complex variants in unassembled NGS data. Context In the context of the ANR Colib’read, we propose a 18 months postdoctoral position. It will be located in the Inria/Irisa genscale team, Rennes, France A major expertize domain of this team is the development of methdos for the extraction of relevant …

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discoSnp presented at “Colloque de Génomique Environnementale”

discoSnp is presented today (4 nov 2013) at “Colloque de Génomique Environnementale“, Rennes. Here are the slides: colloque_GE_2013_discoSnp

discoSnp: the new name of read2SNPs

read2SNPs name changed. The new name is now discoSnp. Its new web page is here.