discoSnp++2.2.0 released

A new discoSnp++ release is available. http://colibread.inria.fr/software/discosnp/

Existing features in a few words

  • Detect SNPs and indels from raw read set(s), without the need of a reference genome.
  • Provides genotyping and ranking
  • Generates a fasta file of variant predictions containing a micro-assembly of the variant left and rigth neighbors
  • Generates a VCF of predicted variants
    • Without a reference: no informative prediction locus
    • Providing a reference sequence: map predictions. The VCF contains mapping information (locus, multiple matches, …)
  • Fast, low memory footprint, easy to use.

New features

  • New input format (using file of files)
    • Easier to deal with paired datasets
    • Easier to simulate file concatenation
  • The reference can also be used for calling predictions (not only for mapping them)
  • The coverage thresholds can be
    • set separately for each read set
    • and/or automatically detected for each set

Any comment / remark positive or not is still warmly welcome on the biostar forum